MaMaMu: Architectural Chaos

When you ask people to think of a Mathematical Museum, most envisage a highly symmetric and ordered architecture.

Instead, MaMaMu explores chaotic architecture.

One example of chaotic architecture would be to design two rhombus-shaped rooms which can be snapped randomly together…
These rooms would be difficult for people to navigate through. This is desirable. We want to disorient our visitors.

This chaotic pattern was discovered by Roger Penrose.
can find more about it here:

The Magical Mathematics Museum is intended as a tribute to the great popularizer of mathematics, Martin Gardner. These blog entries are a first iteration... Change them, argue with them, add to them.

If you would like to learn more about Martin Gardner, please read the excellent interview by Colm Mulcahy which can be found here: and watch David Suzuki's program on Martin Gardner:

Martin Gardner


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Dr. Gord! said...

Doug Cantrell (MGTaylor Corporation) provocatively asked in an email: "What is the sound of chaos?"

Patsy Kahoe (MGTaylor Corporation): " high school band performed "chance" music at several of our concerts, and I can testify that chance music is really chaotic. I think the pieces were by Cage but may have been a lesser known composer."