MaMaMu: Engage, Educate, Inspire - and Make Money

The Magical Mathematics Museum aims to
  • Engage students, teachers and the public in problem solving.
  • Educate students and the public in mathematics, and teachers in classroom-practical evidence-based education.
  • Inspire students, teachers and academics.
These educational objectives need to be realized within a sustainable business model. The key is to attract three groups of people: K-9 teachers, the public, and donors.
  • K-9 Teachers are attracted - First, by ensuring that a classroom trip to MaMaMu is curricularly linked (not a luxury that takes time away from curriculum.) Second, by giving their students a rich experience, and third by interacting one-on-one with the teachers - perhaps teaching them a mathematical magic trick, perhaps brainstorming a solution to an issue they've encountered in their mathematics classroom.
  • The Public are attracted - First, by a public persona that is mathematical, charismatic and fun (maybe a juggler or mathemagician). Second, by the desire to improve their children, and third because they have heard that MaMaMu offers something a bit different from the daily grind.
  • Donors are attracted - not only with attendance statistics, but by the transparent proof of success provided by continuous web-cam broadcasts. We will celebrate with our donors in a way that highlights them as innovative community leaders.

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